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Our history

Our creator, Mónica Sada, left her job at a bank in New York to start her own beauty brand in 2017, and she did so to solve her numerous skin problems.

From the beginning, she was clear: women and men of the 21st century do not always have the time or financial resources to take care of their skin. Going to the beauty center to enjoy its great technology is not always possible, and the world of luxury beauty is sometimes highly expensive. So he thought: wouldn't it be possible to create a brand that united the two worlds, with 0% invasive technology and luxury, but affordable dermocosmetics? After meeting with more than 35 laboratories in Spain and 15 technology factories in Asia, he got what he was looking for. Create the first beauty brand that comfortably transfers the center of aesthetics and natural and sustainable origin to every home with 100% effective results.

Global experts in technobeauty and home beauty

Other companies move the gym, hair salon or restaurant. UNICSKIN brings the beauty cabin to your home and your travels.

Efficiency and immediate results are the common denominator of all our products. Because UNICSKIN's motto is that if there are no results, it's not worth it. Furthermore, all formulas come from more than 94% natural origin and the company is fully committed to sustainability in its packaging and supply chain processes.

Being a Spanish brand, the Middle East became our first success story, where Arab women fell in love with UNICSKIN. We now sell in over 100 countries and export over 85% of our sales.

Currently, UNICSKIN distributes its products in the main stores and online platforms, department stores and luxury beauty centers worldwide. But, also, what makes the brand so special is that we not only sell through traditional distribution channels, but we have collaborated since the beginning with large airlines, 5-star hotels and World Duty Free to offer quality products in the business cabin on airplanes, in the spas of 5-star hotels and in the shops of the best airports.

Since the founding of the company, more than 12 international awards and recognitions endorse the great trajectory of UNICSKIN, including prestigious universities such as the Marangoni Institute or the Instituto de Empresa, more than 2,000 impressions in the national and international press, and doctors from all over the world. world recommend the effectiveness of our products.

Welcome to UNICSKIN, "the new smartphone of beauty"