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Research and innovation occupy a central place in our mission. We seek advanced skin care, adapting to the needs of the contemporary world. The result: 100% functional products that leave any ingredient that does not perform a specific action and add value to the skin in the background. At UNICSKIN there are no filler substances, and each product has been formulated to improve the qualities of the skin, from the point of view of Science.

100% of our active ingredients and final formulations have been subjected to rigorous clinical studies. The result: we obtain scientific proof that each formula delivers what it promises. At UNICSKIN we are not lovers of tests and promises; We are lovers of demonstrations and results. Our maxim is always to fulfill what we promise. Our laboratory constantly invests in the identification of new ingredients and techniques that have effective results on our skin. In addition, at UNICSKIN we are aware of the amount of resources that are consumed. Therefore, we work with suppliers who have the same environmental commitment as us, whose elements are recyclable, sustainable and safe for health. Additionally, when Dermocosmetics is combined with Technology, the results are exponentially faster and more visible. The introduction of technological devices into skin care is the future of personalized Beauty.

We use LED Technology (Light Emitting Diode), which emits light through diodes and has a series of sustainable advantages that place these bulbs in first position in the ranking of ecological lights. In addition, we use medical grade silicone approved by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) for its biocompatibility with the human body, ensuring its safety.


  1. Efficient active ingredients. With proven efficacy both 'in vivo' and 'in vitro' (not tested on animals). Only substances that activate cellular mechanisms are used.
  2. Patented molecules. Obtained through cutting-edge biotechnological processes, with a molecular size that allows it to reach all layers of the skin. Natural extracts and plant origin.
  3. Formulas 100% free of alcohol, parabens, dyes, paraffins and comedogenic ingredients. Suitable for the most sensitive skin.
  4. Sustainable, hypoallergenic and safe technology. Certified by the health organizations of the European Union, the USA and all the countries where UNICSKIN distributes its products.


Discover the main benefits of our Assets

We take great care of all the ingredients we use in the production of our products. We are committed to clearly improving the quality of your skin, with the maximum concentration of active ingredients.